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We care and enable millions to prosper
Caring, Honesty, Passion to excel, Teamwork, Disciplined Professionalism.

Vision, Mission & Values

We Care and Enable Millions to Prosper

Danamon aims to become “The Leading Financial Institution in Indonesia” with a significant market presence.

A Customer Centric Organization which covers all customer segments, each with a unique value proposition, centered on Sales and Service Excellence supported by World Class Technology.

We aspire to be the Employer Of Choice and to be respected by our Customers, Employees, Shareholders, Regulators and the Community

Caring, Honesty, Passion to Excel, Teamwork, Disciplined Professionalism.

Know Your Customer


Money Laundering
Money laundering is a phenomenal crime which has become an international world focus. It covers up the fund resulted from crime through several processes of placement, layering and integration until it looks like coming from legitimate source. The money can be hardly to track, and the offender will free to enjoy it.

Banking is a dominant element in financial system which is often used as the medium of money laundering. In doing the laundering, wrongdoer usually uses the various products of financial services offered by the bank to consumer privileges. Referring to this matter, bank carries potency of several risks, such as risks of reputation, operational, law, and concentration. Therefore, securing the banking system from money laundering activity shall be taken as a crucial need.

Recognizing the Consumer through Know Your Customer
In order to prevent the bank from being exploited as money laundering medium, for the first time Indonesia Bank issued a regulation of PBI No.3/10/PBI/2001 about Principles to Recognize Consumer (Know Your Customer) in 2001, that has been altered by PBI No.5/21/PBI/2003 to correspond with Law No.15/2002 as altered by Law No.25/2003 about Money Laundering Crime.

Referring to the law and regulation, PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk (BDI) conducts the followings steps:

  1. KYC Policy and Procedure
    As part of risk management and surveillance effort on money lundering crime, BDI applies the Know Your Customer (KYC) principles. To ascertain the KYC execution, BDI has had Procedure and Policy to manage the execution. Policy contains basic principles of understanding KYC, while Procedure provides a comprehensive execution guidance which is important as a manual for frontliners or field executors in every branch office that contacts directly with client.

  2. Work Unit of KYC (UKPN)
    In its relation with KYC execution, BDI forms a work unit of KYC (UKPN) which is responsible directly to Compliance Director (Direktur Kepatuhan). Some of UKPN job descriptions are ascertaining the existence of system development that identifies distrustful transaction and customer, monitoring the process of updating client profile, and also conducts coordination and monitoring toward KYC execution by relevant work units.

Training In order to give understanding and to ascertain KYC execution, BDI through UKPN persistently provides socialization in the form of training to entire BDI branches. Training material consists of Money Laundering theory and technique of KYC execution that includes policies of accepting and identifying client, monitoring transaction, and reporting distrustful financial transaction. Nowadays BDI designs KYC training in video format to stimulate each branch to organize the training independently at flexible time and place.

Bank Danamon in Brief

PT Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk was established in 1956 under the name of PT Bank Kopra Indonesia, in 1976, the Bank's name was changed to the present name, Bank Danamon Indonesia. The Bank became the first Indonesian private foreign exchange bank in 1976 and a publicly listed bank in 1989.

In 1977, as a result of the Asian financial crisis, Bank Danamon ran into liquidity insolvency and was placed under the supervision of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency (IBRA) as a BTO (taken over) bank. In 1999, the government of Indonesia, thought IBRA, recapitalized the Bank with Rp 32 trillion of government bonds. Within the same year, another BTO bank was merger into Bank Danamon as part of the restructuring programme of IBRA.

In 2000, Bank Danamon took under its wings eight other BTO banks. As the surviving entity, Bank Danamon emerged from the merger as one of the pillar banks of Indonesia.

During the next three years, Bank Danamon underwent extensive restructuring involving management, people, organization, systems, core values and corporate identity. The efforts succeeded in laying down new foundations and infrastructure for the Bank to pursue growth based on transparency, responsibility, integrity and professionalism (TRIP).

In 2003, Bank Danamon was acquired by the Asia Finance Indonesia consortium which took a majority controlling stake in the Bank. With new management at the helm, and 180-day remapping of its business model and strategy, Bank Danamon continues to undergo a transformational change designed to mold it into a leading national bank and a key regional player.

Address of Bank Mandiri Head Office

Jakarta (021) 3435 8888
Bandung (022) 421 1188
Semarang (024) 3581 888
Surabaya (031) 5346 999
Medan (061) 457 9999
Denpasar (0361) 243 888
Balikpapan (0542) 730 003
Makassar (0411) 334 555

email : danamon.access@danamon.co.id

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