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About Us

As guidance in managing its effort, Board of directors Bank BTN have specified Vision and Mission Bank BTN which is obliged to be known, to be involved, and practiced by each and every officer.

Bank BTN's Vision

To be recognized as a credible and notable bank in housing finance and majoring in client satisfaction.

Bank BTN's Missions

  • Giving pre-eminent service in housing finance and it's related industry, and also providing other products and banking services.
  • Preparing and developing qualified and professional human resource which in also own high integrity performance.
  • Improving excellence of competitiveness through continuity of innovation as according to clients requirements.
  • Executing management of soundness banking as according to principle of prudential and good corporate governance to increase shareholder value.
  • Minding importance of society aspect and its environment interaction.


Year 1897 is a blessed year for BTN, because at that moment pursuant to Koninklijk Besluit No. 27 in Indies Dutch founded by Postspaarbank which dimiciling in Batavia, what is nowadays recognized by the name of Jakarta.

Target of founding of Postspaarbank for example is to educate society so that fond ofing to save and at the same time introduce banking institute to wide of society. Up to year end 1931 Postspaarbank role in society fund gathering increasing. Up to year 1939, mustered a success fund to amount to Rp. 54 million. This attainment in line with policy of executed decentralization during the period.

Besides which is proper to be noted by between year 1928 up to year 1934 is opening of Postspaarbank office of branch in Makassar, Surabaya, Jakarta, and Field

In the year 1934 is also known as “accountancy machine era” and recognition of certificate “account current”.

When in the year 1940 Germany invade Netherland, happened intake of mass fund by all Postspaarbank client. Only in a few day counted Rp. 11 million paid to the order of all client. This matter do not take place to long.

Year 1941 trust of client arise again, and is same in the year succeed to be mustered by fund equal to Rp. 58,8 million. Happened one a period of/to which can be named by A period of Between, because cannot be packed into Savings Bank Post history that is between March 1942-1946. Because year 1942 Japan take over authority Dutch colonial and Postspaarbank freezed. Government Japan found my Tyokin Me. Mission “ fond of to save” my Tyokin Me fail, because the mentioned felt as constraint by Indonesia people. In a period of this Jogyakarta branch opened.

Occupying of Japan in Indies Dutch do not take place llama. Indonesian nation later; then proclaim its independence. : my Tyokin Me” is taken over and its name is changed “ Office Saving Post ( KTP)”, which is initiative by Mr. Darmosoetanto, First Director of Office Saving Post.

Office Saving Post share big in workmanship of Japan money changing with “ Oeang Republic Of Indonesia ( ORI)”. In That Period Office Saving Post cannot work safely, because Dutch military action. Date of 19 December 1946 Office Saving Post and office of branchs its occupied by Dutch.

In June 1949 Government RI open at the same time change “ Office Saving Post” becoming “ Savings Bank Post RI”, with a view to set right work of KTP which have. This office work year-end samapai 1949. Hereinafter, government only confess Savings Bank RI post as saving institute which later;then its 1950 name year is changed to become Savings Bank Pos.

By fall downing Old Order nya, and berkuasa it New Order, Hence initiative forming of Single Bank returned as previously and readjusted healthierly.

After New Order succeed to readjust life of economics getting especial attention, hence preceded to born Fundamental UU nya of Banking No. 14 Year 1967 specified [by] UU No. 20 year 1968 hitting founding of Savings Bank State. In the Law, hence fundamental duty of BTN is instructed to economic repair of economic development and people of national by way of mustering fund from society, especially in the form of saving.

In the year 1974 Government specify policy of housing development for the society of middle downwards. To support to succeeding the policy it, BTN showed as place of defrayal of Credit Ownership of House ( KPR ).

In the year 1976 marked by history realize KPR first time in Semarang which later;then continue from year to year, reaching its top in the year 1982 / 1983.

Utilizing to defray the the KPR, BTN have to can conscript society fund. For that product diversification having the character of “ Operation Passiva” darus executed. Since year 1976 growth of BTN asset mount sharply from Rp. 11 Billion by the end of 1976 becoming Rp. 3,7 Trillion by the end of year 1991.

Since opening stand up year 1953 hitherto, had been more than 38 BTN year wrestle its area. its Operational network is widespread in all Indonesia. BTN have setled to welcome year national development 2000. Either in banking area specially, and also defrayal of housing. Cymbal BTN have also three fundamental target and socialize culture work the so-called Orderly Pentameter. New Era of BTN is also marked with recognition of logo newly.

Entering year 1992 happened elementary change in the form of Savings Bank State law. As rentetan from goning into effect of UU No. 7 year 1992 about Banking, Savings Bank State legal form turn into Company of Copartnership, or which more knowledgeable with the title PT Savings Bank State ( Persero), that is released of PP No. 24 year 1992 date of 29 April 1992. This transformation make PT Savings Bank State motion ( Persero) more (be) free to. If previously more emphasized as savings bank and as institute defrayal of housing, hence since its 1 August 1992 activity area is extended to become public bank.

Here in after as legal body which is in form of limited liability, made by Akte Founding of No. 136 date of 31 July 1992 before Muhani Salim, SH Notary in Jakarta according to Decree Of The Minister Of Legal Affairs Republic Of Indonesia No. C2-6587.Ht.01.01-Th.92 of 12 August 1992 which have been announced in Official Gazette RI No addition. 73 date of 11 September 1992 ( which is on its growth is later;then altered pursuant to Akte No. 25 date of 4 September 1998 about statement of decision of change stockholder Association Of PT Savings Bank State ( made by Persero) before Sutjipto, SH, Notary in Jakarta according to Decree Of The Minister Of Legal Affairs and Rights Basic Manusiari No. C-3568 HT.01.04.TH.2001 of 20 July 2001 which is announced in Addition Official Gazette Republic Of Indonesia No. 95 date of 27 November 2001, change deed section 26 Association of Copartnership of Number 97 date of 28 June 2002 which is made by before Fathiah Helmi, SH, Notary in Jakarta, last altered with Akte No. 97 date of 28 June 2002.

In the year 1994 passing Decree Board of directors Indonesia Bank No. 27/55/KEP/DIR date of 23 September 1994 PT. Savings Bank State ( Persero) can operate as Bank Foreign exchange.

Economic Crisis impact in the year 1997 which is economic meluluhlantakkan of Indonesia have made BTN management to rerun its business bow. BTN return at its its, that is with business defrayal of housing. This decision in the end assist Bank BTN success in course of rekapitalisasi.

With this rekapitalisasi of BTN management specify new paradigm as beneficial and notable bank in defrayal of housing. BTN have shown its ability in giving contribution defrayal of governmental to housing though stay in limited ability.

To continue to to support governmental program in housing area at the same time in order to strengthening Bank BTN financing structure, governmental through Minister BUMN by letter of No. S-554/M-Mbu/2002 of 21 August 2002 have decided Bank BTN as public bank with focus defrayal of housing without subsidy.

Nowadays Bank BTN have intended to become commercial bank with especial business of defrayal of housing and industry its its. BTN have also specified its business target as Bank Family Indonesia, serving requirement entire/all Indonesia family, from home for all requirement.

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