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About Us

The First Five Decades

BCA was first founded on 21 February 1957 as Bank Central Asia NV. A lot of things have happened since then—the most significant of all being perhaps the Asian monetary crisis in 1997.

Although this crisis had a tremendous impact on Indonesia’s entire banking system, in particular it affected BCA’s cash flow and even threatened its survival. Panic rush forced the bank to seek assistance from the Indonesian government. The Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency (IBRA) took over BCA in 1998.

Thanks to its management’s business sagacity and shrewd decision making, full recovery was accomplished later in the same year. In December of 1998, third-party funds were back at the pre-crisis level. BCA’s assets stood at Rp 67.93 trillion, as opposed to Rp 53.36 trillion in December 1997. Public confidence in BCA was fully restored, and BCA was released by IBRA to BI in 2000.

Subsequently, BCA took a major step by going public. The IPO took place in 2000, selling 22.55% of BCA’s shares that were being divested by IBRA. After the IPO, the agency still controlled 70.30% of BCA’s total shares. The second Public Offering took place in June and July of 2001, with IBRA divesting an additional 10% of its interest in BCA.

In 2002, IBRA divested 51% of its BCA shares through a strategic private placement tender. The Mauritius-based Farindo Investment, Ltd won the tender. Today, BCA continues to strengthen its tradition of good corporate governance, full compliance with regulations, sound risk management and the commitment to its customers both as a transactional bank and an institution for financial intermediation.

Our Strengths

As a transactional bank, BCA provides a wide array of services to meet specific needs of our customers. As a financial intermediary, it has been working hard to improve its lending side by offering attractive packages to potential customers. Several key strengths have made it possible for the bank to deliver useful, efficient and convenient services. These include:

  1. A highly professional management team that is always on top of national and international banking policies and regulations;
  2. Highly trained, customer-oriented human resources;
  3. Innovative products and services that meet real needs;
  4. Appropriate use of the most advanced technology;
  5. Relentless efforts to maintain the highest level of banking security;
  6. A large network of branches and sub-branches throughoutIndonesia;
  7. A broad choice of distribution channels to ensure maximum anking convenience, and
  8. As June 2007, BCA provide at around 5332 cash ATM, non-cash ATM, and Cash Deposit Machine (ATM setoran tunai) installed in strategic places throughout the country.
Products and Services
In line with our goal of becoming the first choice in transactional banking, we have continuously strived to expand the variety of our products, services and delivery channels. We have also made sure that each of our products and services wins in the marketplace due to its high quality and the professionalism of our frontliners.

Our product and service development is always based on evolving customer requirements. Furthermore, we keep enhancing each of our products and services by adding more features to increase customer banking convenience. More and more facilities are made available on our ATMs, klikBCA Internet banking, m-BCA mobile banking, etc. For the business community, especially the SMEs, we offer products and services specifically tailored to their needs. These include klikBCA Bisnis and BCA Bizz (available in certain locations).

We also provide a range of loans to meet customer needs, such as mortgage (Kredit Pemilikan Rumah-KPR BCA), vehicle loans (Kredit Kendaraan Bermotor-KKB BCA) and corporate loans.


BCA takes pride in its strategic use of technology, and appropriate deployment of advanced technology has been an important element of our competitive strength.

Due to our highly selective adoption of technology, we have been recognized nationally and internationally as the leader in technology application. Our decision on technology choices is always dictated by our vision of being a leading transactional bank. Therefore, our focus is on maximizing our operational efficiency and enhancing customer experience.

We also use technology to support our treasury, risk management and the continued expansion of our delivery channels.

Business Continuity

In compliance with Bank Indonesia’s regulation, we have strengthened and relocated our Disaster Recovery Center (DRC) to an overseas location with the help of one of the world’s leading IT providers.


To ensure the highest possible level of security, we use the services of the U.S-based TrueSecure. The security consultant firm regularly evaluates our system security and provides recommendation for actions. They will issue BCA a certificate only when they are satisfied with our effort in making sure our system is as secure as it can be.

Our Network
Taking advantage of technology and highly trained human resources, BCA has been expanding its network—both conventional and electronic—to ensure maximum banking convenience for its customers. As at September 2007, our customers have access to 796 branches throughout Indonesia as well as two Representative Offices in Hong Kong and Singapore. Our premium BCA Prioritas services are available in 173 branches. Globally, we work together with more than 1,772 correspondent banks in 104 countries to provide payment order services.

From our BCA Bizz centers, we provide unique services to address the requirements of business owners, such as end-of-day cash deposit as well as cash pick-up and delivery services. We also provide Customer Plus to meet the customer needs such as KPR, KKB, Credit Card and many others. Currently, some BCA Bizz and Customer Plus centers have been set up in major business and trading centers located in severals big cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, Bandung, and Semarang. More will follow in the future.

Meanwhile, BCA credit cards are accepted by more than 34.000 merchants throughout Indonesia as well as in million places throughout the world. BCA Credit Card has a variety of a complete features. Customers can convert their purchase into "Cicilan BCA" (installment tenure are 3, 6 to 12 month). Every transaction using BCA Card also entitles for "Reward BCA" up to 10% which can be redeemed with merchandise needed. BCA Card also provides AutoPay feature for your routine billings such as electricity, telephone, cell phone, cable tv, assurance, club membership and more. Not to mention many other advantageous interesting offers.

E-banking technologies have enabled us to broaden the range of our delivery channels. Our ATM networks are available throughout Indonesia in strategic locations. Our Debit BCA cards are accepted by arround 20,000 merchants in 28,000 outlets with 60,000 Electronic Data Capture (EDC) terminals, while Our Tunai BCA enables merchants to dispense cash for our customers on top of their purchase payment.

With our KlikBCA, we provide both individual and business owners with Internet banking services that meet their respective requirements. For those who are always on the move, we provide mobile banking services through our m-BCA, SMS Top Up BCA, BCA by Phone and Halo BCA channels. Wireless broadband infrastructure is used in the Greater Jakarta Area to ensure high speed data communication between our Head Office and the branches.

Career Development at BCA

Human resource is another key component in BCA’s competitiveness. Its success has always hinged on its professional and high-quality human resources. This is why human resource development has received a priority.

At BCA, career development is based on the principles of transparency, equal opportunity, meritocracy and recognition of performance. BCA provides full opportunity for employees to reach their fullest potential by providing a range of training programs so that they can live up to the challenges at the banking industry.

As BCA’s committed responsibility for the development of its employees, BCA have had a Training Center, supported by professional internal and external trainers. BCA also works in-cooperation with credible institutions.

To ensure customer satisfaction, BCA has also introduced the SMART (Sigap, Menarik, Antusias, Ramah, Teliti meaning responsive, attractive, enthusiastic, friendly and accurate) standard of service, implanted to its employees especially to the front liners who interact directly with the customers.

Furthermore, to simplify human resource management and improve employee satisfaction, BCA has also implemented SAP HR, which is now fully online and can be used by employee.


MDP BCA (Management Development Program BCA) is one of our efforts to prepare highly professional management staff in anticipation of company growth in the future.

MDP BCA was established to meet the company’s need for skilled and professional manpower. Since it was first formed in 1990 until June 2005, the MDP has provided training and education to the 89th groups of participants. Continuous improvement in the quality of the program is done to ensure that BCA will have no shortage of well-trained professionals.

Giving Back to the Community

Reinvesting in community development (Bakti BCA) has been a major element of BCA’s corporate culture. Our Bakti BCA program is a series of on-going corporate social responsibility activities aimed at creating sustainable values for our community and the other stakeholders of our company. The program has been running regularly since the nineties.

Over the years, our activities under the Bakti BCA initiative have focused on helping to address various education and health issues faced by underprivileged local communities in particular. As a matter of fact, we are involved in a number of capacity building programs in Indonesia

More specifically, our social responsibility initiative comprises a series of long-term programs aimed at bringing better education to the youths and children with limited financial means, as well as fulfilling our commitment to helping to address the health issues that they are faced with.

Non-Degree Education in Accounting

BCA’s Non-degree Education in Accounting has been designed specifically to provide senior high school graduates with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and skill in the area of accounting. Training is given at our Education and Training Center by lecturers from a number of reputable universities.

Successful candidates will receive monthly pocket money, food allowances during the entire program and health care based on company policy.

Between 1996 and October 2005, the program had given the training for 15 groups of participants. Out of a total number of 494 participants, 275 successfully have completed their training, and 261 of them are now working in various divisions throughout BCA.


The Non-Degree Accounting Education Program, known as PPA (Program Pendidikan Akuntansi Setara S1 Non-gelar), is open to high-school graduates who meet the following criteria:

  1. Indonesian nationals;
  2. Senior high-school and vocational high school graduates;
  3. A maximum of 20 years of age;
  4. A minimum average score of 7.0 in all their high school report cards from the first to the third year;
  5. A minimum average score of 7.0 in the subjects of math, economics and accounting in all report cards from the first to the third year;
  6. Have never repeated class;
  7. No history of drug abuse or any other crime;
  8. Pass the selection process.

Bakti BCA Apprenticeship Program

BCA provides the opportunity for high school graduates as well as university undergraduates to gain work experience as tellers or Customer Service Officers (CSOs) through the Bakti BCA Apprenticeship Program.

The apprenticeship program will last for one year with no requirement for the participants to work for BCA upon completion. Every participant will receive some pocket money throughout the duration of the program, and successful participants will later receive financial aids from BCA that they can use for continuing their education.


High-performing senior high-school graduates or university undergraduates can take part in Bakti BCA Apprenticeship Program if they meet the following requirements:

  1. Indonesian nationals;
  2. Male or female with an attractive personality;
  3. Graduates of senior high schools or vocational high schools with an average of 7.0 in their high school report cards;
  4. Graduates of D1-D3 programs or undergraduates with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5;
  5. A minimum age of 18 years and a maximum of 25 years;
  6. Physically and mentally healthy;
  7. Friendly and have the ability to communicate effectively;
  8. No history of drug abuse or any other crime;
  9. Willing to work at any BCA branch in the town where the candidates selection process takes place;
  10. Willing to defer marriage for the duration of the apprenticeship program.
  11. Pass the selection process.

For further information please log on to www.baktibca.com

Scholarships for Undergraduates

Since 1999, BCA has been awarding undergraduate students working towards their bachelor’s degree (S1). The goal is to assist academically successful students with limited financial means to complete their education.

The scholarships consist of academic tuition and some pocket money and are given for two years from the fourth to the eighth semesters. The scholarships can be terminated at any time if the recipients fail to meet the requirements.

Up to June 2005, BCA had signed agreements with 16 top universities and institutes in Indonesia and awarded scholarships to 138 students from these tertiary educational institutions. These are Gajah Mada University, University of Indonesia, Airlangga University, Diponegoro University, Bogor Institute of Agriculture, Bandung Institute of Technology, Sanata Dharma University (Yogyakarta), Duta Wacana, STIE Malang Kucecwara, Atmajaya University (Yogyakarta), Malang Institute of Technology, Petra University, Surabaya University, Jenderal Sudirman University and Widya Mandala University (Surabaya), Padjajaran University.


Each year BCA will contact the universities and institutes to offer the scholarships to their students who meet the required qualifications. The universities and institutes will then send their students who meet the following requirements:

1. Undergraduate students working towards their bachelor’s degree (S1);

2. A maximum of 21 years of age;

3. Not married;

4. Already in the fourth semester;

5. A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.25;

6. Not receiving scholarships from other sources;

Bakti BCA for Education

Bakti BCA (Bina Anak Tunas Indonesia) is the hallmark of our social commitment to education for those who will be the future of Indonesia. Its main objective is to ensure that school children in the underprivileged regions have access to proper education. Therefore, beneficiaries of this program are primary and secondary schools in deprived districts in the country where parents are fully aware of the importance of education for their children. Recipients must be reputable schools—preferably state-run schools—with students from financially challenged families.

For the elementary schools, Bakti BCA helped renovate the school building and donated books for the libraries, supplementary materials, extracurricular facilities and uniform for teachers.

For the junior schools, Bakti BCA helped build computer labs (complete with VSAT-based Internet connection) and donated library and supplementary books, extracurricular facilities (including sewing machines). Bakti BCA also provided computer and other training for the teachers.

For the high schools in this area, Bakti BCA also helped build computer labs (complete with VSAT-based Internet connection) and donated books for the libraries and the teachers. Training for the computer instructors and teachers was also part of the program.

Blood Donor Drives

As part of our direct involvement in the community, we have worked together with the Indonesian Red Cross and organized blood donor drives 3 to 4 four times each year since 1991. During these events, BCA’s management staff and employees donate their bloods.

Up to June 2005, BCA has organized 51 blood donor events, resulting in more than 29,500 blood bags.

Cataract Surgery Programs

In cooperation with the Board of the Indonesian Ophthalmology Association (PERDAMI), since 2002 BCA has organized free cataract removal events aimed at community members who cannot afford such a surgery. The objective of this program is to help these needy cataract patients have their vision restored.

In 2002, we held the Free Cataract Surgery event in Lampung and a year later in Sukabumi.


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